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Privacy FAQ for Intel® Cloud Services Platform

This Privacy FAQ relates to the Intel cloud-based services made generally commercially available as the "Cloud Services Platform." The Cloud Services Platform includes the Intel® Identity Services and other cloud-based services providing personalization, billing, advertising, points of interest, recommendations, security, public sharing, posting, uploading, linking, downloading, transferring, viewing, submitting or transmitting materials (including, but not limited to graphics, data, art, video, audio, text, opinions, etc.), and other functionality. Intel is making this Privacy FAQ available so that end users of the Cloud Services Platform can better understand how their data is collected and used by Intel and its authorized developers.

What is Intel® Identity Services?

The Intel Identity Services lets you create an online profile and manage your personal information on the Internet. You can use it to easily log on to Intel services and to third-party applications that use the Cloud Services Platform.

You do not need to create a separate Intel user ID or password—you can sign in using an existing ID from sites such as Facebook, Google+, and Yahoo.

What makes Intel Identity Services different?

Managing all of our online identities has become increasingly complex. As consumers, we often have little or no control over how our personal information is collected, used, and shared. Intel Identity Services gives you full control over what data you put online and which companies and applications may access it.

What data is required when I first log on to the Intel Identity Services?

Using a social network ID: When you log on to the Intel Identity Services for the first time using an ID from a social network provider such as Facebook or Google, we will store your first name, last name, email address, and an authorization token from the social network provider. As part of the log on process, you will authorize Intel to retrieve that information from the social network provider and then use it to create your Intel Identity Services account.

Creating a new Intel Identity Services ID: When you choose to create a new ID rather than using an ID from an existing social network provider, we will collect and store your first name, last name, email address, birthdate, and password. This data is required to set up a new account.

What other data will Intel Identity Services ask me for?

Profile: No other data is required for account set-up, but you may choose to enter optional information into your profile to obtain a more personalized experience while using applications that access the Intel Identity Services. This optional profile data may include your gender, country, language, marital status, occupation, address, phone numbers, location and other information. You may edit or delete this information at any time by visiting, and you may choose which applications have access to this data.

Which applications and services will get access to my data when I use Intel Identity Services?

Your personal information is yours to own and manage, and we will always provide complete transparency as to how it is used. Intel may allow third-party applications to integrate the Intel Cloud Services Platform into their apps (Integrated Apps)—as long as they are registered with Intel and agree to our terms and conditions that require developers to respect your privacy.

If permitted by you, these Integrated Apps will use the information in your profile to customize your experience. When an Integrated App asks to access a particular piece of information, we will ask you to approve or deny the request. These preferences are remembered by the Intel Identity Services, so no further authorization will be required unless the application’s access expires or you revoke it. You may change your preferences for any Integrated App at any time by visiting

What other data does the Intel Cloud Services Platform collect and why?

Personalization: If authorized by you, Intel will also collect data about your use of the services and Integrated Apps, and will share this data with Integrated Apps to enable personalization. This will allow Intel and the Integrated Apps to log information related to how you interact with the service (from what device you access an application, how many times in the past have you accessed that application, what your current location might be, etc.), and to personalize your experience based on that information. For instance, we might be able to make a recommendation for local restaurants if we know your current location. This information is stored by Intel Identity Services - My Activities. You should avoid sharing personal information that you wish to keep private. In addition, this activities information may be combined with your profile information to further personalize your experiences. You may deny an Integrated App access to information you have agreed to be stored by Intel at any time by visiting

Identifiable Historical Data: An Integraed App may upload and retain information about your activities and interactions with digital content, online items, and other users for the purposes of recommending content and items to you based on this historical knowledge of your activity. You may deny an Integrated App access to this historical data by visiting You may also delete your historical data stored by Intel Identity Services – My Activities by contacting Cloud Services Support at Intel Cloud Services Platform Support.

Payment options: If you make a purchase in an Integrated App using Intel’s payment service, your name, billing and shipping addresses, email, phone number, and product information will be collected and used by Intel and their approved secure payment gateway provider to fulfill the order and send receipt information. This data may be kept up to seven years under tax law. When you explicitly approve a purchase request, Intel will bill your credit card through a secure payment gateway provider. That provider will store your information and supply it to the applications you specify, when you request it. Intel will not have access to your credit card information at any time. In addition, an Integrated App registered with Intel may request your permission to remember purchase approval, minimizing the need for future transaction authorizations. You can always deny or approve any of these permissions by visiting

Devices: You may authorize an Integrated App to upload a unique device identifier to associate with your Intel Identity Account for the purpose of providing a personalized experience across all the devices you use. You may delete the device from your profile at any time by visiting

Aggregate Data: In addition to the above uses, Intel collects and uses data about our customers and developers in an aggregate, non-identifiable form. Use of such aggregate data helps us better understand how our developers and end users interact with our services, and how we might improve our services over time.

What if I have not registered with Intel Identity Services? Does Intel still collect my data?

Yes, but only in aggregate, non-identifiable form. Intel collects usage data from Integrated Apps. For instance, Intel will be able to see how many users perform a purchase transaction through an application using our commerce services in any given day, even when we don’t know who those users are. Intel uses this information to better understand how our developers and end users interact with our services, and how we might improve our services over time.

What if I have not registered with Intel Identity Services? How do I control my data?

Customers without an Intel Identity Services account: Intel offers its Cloud Services Platform to third-party developers for the support and development of their Applications. If you do not have an Intel Identity Services account, then Intel is not able to provide you with the ability to manage your information and, in that case, you would need to look solely to the Application developer for details about your information management options (as explained in the Application Privacy Notice). If you have concerns about the privacy practices of an Application utilizing Intel Cloud Services, please contact Intel Cloud Services Platform Support.

For more information regarding privacy, please see the Intel Online Privacy Notice and Intel Cookies Notice available at